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Square Enix reveals Shadow of the Cute Raider trailer and auction in celebration of National Dog Day –

Square Enix and Shadow of the Tomb Raider recently celebrated National Dog Day by releasing a re-creation of the End of the Beginning trailer that was unveiled back in April. Rushing through jungles and using special kitty distracting tactics, this Lara-esque pup races to rescue a darling puppy from the paws of adorable cats, saving

ffxivtips – Life is Strange 2 “Seattle” gameplay video introduces us to Sean and Daniel Diaz

Life is Strange 2 features a brand-new cast of characters and story set in the same universe as its predecessor and also includes story-altering choices and paranormal elements. In the following video Square Enix and Dontnod Entertainment share from Gamescom 2018, we’re introduced to Sean and Daniel Diaz. When tragedy strikes, the boys strike out

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood: The ffxivtips Review

I haven’t completed the final battle in the Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood expansions’ main story line. The titular quest has been sitting in the top left corner of my screen for a week, and I’ve been doing everything I can to ignore it. I don’t want it to end. Being a highly successful massively multiplayer