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We can’t have more inventory because of PS3 limitations

Well first and foremost we can start with High Definition textures. These will take up more RAM for the game to process visually along with character models etc. The amount of objects (player characters, NPC, terrain objects, decorations, etc.) in any given area could be limited by the low amount of RAM available in the

I would like to see Classes treated as proper, separate “Jobs”

Right now, most Classes are basically just “low-level Jobs”. However, I think there is room to make the Core Classes into proper Jobs. WHY: Thematically, core classes are very different from their later Jobs. Despite sharing skills, Paladins are nothing like Gladiators; one prides itself on protecting people, while the other fights for fame and

My take on Samurai as a tank

Yes, it’s one of those threads again. Hear me out though. At the moment, there are basically two types of gameplay: healers and everyone else. For the latter, gameplay is “press the buttons in the right order as fast as you can”. With the healer, it’s “wait and watch for the opportune moments to use