ESO, GW2, Final Fantasy XIV, SWTOR & Runescape Are They Worth Playing

ESO, GW2, Final Fantasy XIV, SWTOR & Runescape Are They Worth Playing

I play every now and then. At the very least, worth going through to play each class story, and maybe running through each additional story/campaign making different choices, seeing different reactions. At least to me. If you haven’t at least done all character stories I’d say give that a go and see if you want to spend more time on that. Wouldn’t take you too long I think, and you’d get a really good feel for which class and story you enjoy the most and want to go further with.

Funny how Stormblood is completely revamping the combat system in FFXIV because believe it or not a lot of people who try FFXIV are under the impression that the combat is slow and boring because it is. You don’t have to like LazyPeon’s opinion, you don’t have to agree with it, but try to understand it instead of being so salty and ignorant. If the director of the game Yoshi-P has agreed that the combat in it’s current state can be completely reworked in the next expansion, I think it’s safe to say that LazyPeon is competent enough to form constructive criticism on whatever MMO he plays.

Pretty harsh on FFXIV there but hey, I don’t really blame you. I felt similar. At least in the beginning when I came from WoW & SWTOR. Later on when you level up you realise longer global cooldown makes boss fights more complicated with more mechanics and things to watch out for. You basically spend more time to observe your surroundings than your spellbar!

if you think that fast paced combat mmo are just blind button mash then you’re clueless. try to blindly button mash on B&S. in dungeons and raids you will certainly die countless times. pvp? 0% chance to win even against a noob. on B&S i know exactly what i’m doing and what i’m pressing, even though combat is at least 2 times faster than FF XIV.

You review is pretty bad of ffxiv, leme give one small example. you said its so sloooow and all moves are on 2.5 GCD, well if you get to the proper levels you can use materia to change your skill speed and cast speed. I truly feel you have no rights to review the game if you speak about things that bother you that can simply be fixed by knowing about the game more. which clearly you do not. I feel like maybe the max you have seen is like 35ish. that’s like driving a ferrari and only driving 50mph and then reviewing it’s speed and saying its awful. I watch all your vids and I love to see you’re content however this was kind of a let down.

although I would argue that most players don’t run FATEs at low levels. Mainly because there aren’t any trains in starting areas, main scenario quests are mandatory, and Hunting logs bridge the level gap in between quests faster than waiting for FATEs to pop. Assuming they can be reliably done solo. Even on secondary jobs, FATEs aren’t exactly an efficient way to grind through low levels.

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