Could we please get an official list of what is cheating and what is not?

Could we please get an official list of what is cheating and what is not?

There are a number of things in this game that could be considered cheating or against ToS, but are constantly debated on this board. The issue is that players who want to be fair and not break rules often don’t partake in these activities. But people who take advantage of them end up gaining numerous benefits.

It seems like it would make a lot of sense to just have a page that defines what is acceptable and what is not.

Here are a few issues that don’t seem to be clear to most players.

1. PVP win trading / boosting.
Is it ok to trade wins to get wolf marks or achievement progress?
Is it ok to trade wins to gain ranks in ranked pvp?
Is it ok to have have friends lose against you in order to boost your rank in ranked pvp?

2. Hunt Marker 3rd Party Programs
Is it ok to use a third party program that reports when hunt mobs are seen, and report their location on the map, even when you aren’t in the zone? (Yes 3rd party programs are supposed to be against ToS, but there are many linkshells that exist based on this process)

3. Special Offers (Like the current amazon one)
Is it ok to order a product and then cancel it just to get a code?

4. Triple Triad Multi-Account Tournament Wins
Is it ok to use multiple accounts to push yourself to the top of the tournament ranks (getting the nice mgp reward and special cards)?

5. Vermillion Multi-Account Tournament Wins
Is it ok to use multiple accounts to feed yourself wins to rank high in the tournament (for the mgp rewards)

6. House Selling
Is it ok to sell houses (charge people to abandon properties)? Lots of people claim this is against ToS, but people still do this on a regular basis and claim that it’s not. Is it ok when people buy multiple houses with different accounts or different characters in order to resell them for profit?

7. Trading Game Codes & Mogstation Items for Gil
Is it ok to trade codes (e.g. the current amazon codes) for gil in game to someone who can’t afford to buy from amazon? Is it ok to buy people stuff like fantasia for gil?

Examples of Why These Aren’t Clear

I personally wouldn’t do what I listed above. But at the same time, they seem to be very acceptable to many people. And there are many threads on this board where people argue about them being against the ToS or being allowed.

For example, in this pvp thread some people justify “boosting” (win trading):…9-and-Boosting

And in this thread here people are debating whether or not it’s ok to order an amazon product and then cancel it in order to get the code for the promotion items but not spend money:…is-it-stealing

Similarly if you look back to when the most recent major patch launched, people were debating selling houses.

What I’m Requesting

I’m not arguing SE should ban people, or that the things listed should be allowed. All I’m asking for is official confirmation on what is allowed and not allowed, so that everyone can be on a level playing field .

This could be a rules thread, A lodestone section, an addition to ToS, etc. Anything that would provide specific clarification on what is a ToS violation and what is acceptable, without having to reference an offhand remark from a live letter years ago (e.g. in the case of pvp win trading)

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