Constant lag freezes, DCs and bad customer support

Constant lag freezes, DCs and bad customer support

I’m having that too, same issue. But i’m on PS4. At first i’ve thought would be a 1 day thing but it is still happening. You play pretty well for 15-20 mins and then screen frezee, you can’t use hotbar abilities, only move and even so the game doesn’t take it on account you moved from a AOE for instance, then it gets back to normal and after 15-20 min it happens again. My connection is working pretty fine and i don’t have this issue on the other games. Anyways i hope this fix soon.

I noticed it happening for the first time somewhere along last Sunday. I was doing The Vault, and everything/everyone suddenly just stopped moving. I could move and use skills just fine, but nothing would happen after the animations. Then, after about 30 seconds or so, everything that occurred since the freeze would play out really fast, and things would go back to normal for a bit. Ever since that time, the same thing would happen every 10-15 minutes or so. I struggled to finish the dungeon, but eventually we managed to pull it off.


After I was out, I decided to see if the problem was with my Internet connection, or if it was actually the servers itself. So I started pinging the FFXIV servers my client was connected to, and sent out pings to both Google and Tumblr as well. I then went to try clear Sephirot Extreme, and it didn’t take too long before everything froze up again. I immediately checked my command prompts, and surely enough, the pings with the FFXIV servers were timing out, while the pings to Google and Tumblr were both fine.

I left my router off overnight and decided to try the same test on the following day. Same thing would happen. One thing I noticed though, is that it seems much more likely to happen during raids/trials/dungeons, than when I’m actually in towns.

And just today, someone mentioned a couple of other people seemed to be having this kind of issue as well. So I decided to come here to the forums to see if something was up, but either I’m not looking in the right place, or I appear to be one of the few people with whom this problem seems to be happening to. In any case, I hope they become aware of this situation and look into it, because it’s been going on for 3 days now and it’s rather frustrating trying to do trials and raids not knowing when you’re going to potentially freeze up in the middle and bring down your party.

Until now I found out that only Aether and Primal database seems to be having those issues (if anyone from a different database has it, please, tell me). Changing my launcher from dx11 to dx9, actually made it worse, I got a lot of 90006 errors after that. Compatibily mode has no or near no effect. They happen at the same time or a few seconds after for me and my friends. Always at least one void ark/wipe city ally member has it. But that would be a 2/24 players, sometimes more.

I’m not really sure what I use. I don’t recall ever being given the option. I just downloaded the game and run it with my graphics card. Whether it uses DirectX or not, I’m not sure how to tell. Nor do I see how that would have any connection with the issues we’ve been having.

And hey, now that you mention it, there does seem to be a link between the number of players online, and the rate with which the freezes seem to happen. I noticed I never get any freezes in the morning, and it leads me to believe the problem is gone. My hopes go up only to get crushed again when I come home from work later during the day and find out the freezes are still happening.

If you lose connection to other things on your computer, then it’s not the game – it’s either your router or your connection specifically, or even something in your computer. But in your case, it has nothing to do with FFXIV and/or their servers.

Also, the main issue in this thread has less to do with disconnections from the game, and more to do with freezes that happen every 15 minutes or so. If you aren’t experiencing any freezing, then you have a different issue.

Anyways, I downloaded WTFast and have been using it to run the game this weekend. No freezes ever since. It’s got a 14-day free trial so I recommend everyone who is having these freezes to check it out. Hopefully after those 14 days, the problem will be gone and there won’t be any more freezes. If not, well… I guess you’ll either have to add $5 to your bill every month for WTFast, deal with the freezes, or straight out quit.

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