All relevant names in images will be blocked

All relevant names in images will be blocked

As many already know, boosting is the practice of acquiring rating or points in a way that is unsportsmanlike or simply illegal. We already know it goes on in some shape or fashion, but most of the time we have no context. Today I’m going to give you that context.

To comply with the rules, all relevant names in images will be blocked. It won’t take but a moment of research to figure it out though. I’m sure it will still somehow be considered a violation and I’ll be OF banned but oh well.

Eight players of the same server, same FCs, and similar names suddenly and rapidly appeared on the board together with a substantial gain in one day along with average 50% winrates. This raised a red flag as wintraders and/or esoteric farmers. This occurred near patch’s release. We made our reports and kept an eye on the board as well as the queue.

Yesterday we queued and caught the same 8. Only this time, one of them was boosted to Platinum, which you can now see in the leaderboard today. A whopping 800 points gained from boosting.


To Square, this is a question. Are you going to let 8 legit players be put off the board by this kind of nonsense? Or are you going to let it slide and let it be the example? Since the season is not over yet, you need to be monitoring this. I doubt this will be the last instance of it.

Also note, we are all on TS together—when you guys queued their team they said they’d give it a shot anyway, and they got wrecked. I know for a fact that they are good PvPers, we PVPed in wow together for years. At least when we queue against each other we’re at an equal disadvantage. We were trying to get more PvP in, when we queued with your team. I personally didn’t want to give you guys the illusion that you were actually beating us that easily—we aren’t that bad, the ping difference is just a huge hindrance. So yes, we stood mid and let you guys kill us which was for our own ego; I’m sure you’d do it to if the roles were reversed because its frustrating.

We tried queueing more, because like I said we don’t get to often, and they got you guys again. I’m pretty sure they just left that match. After that we didn’t queue anymore because we kept getting you guys, and its no fun to watch your team die before it even looks like the other team has used 1 GCD.

Again, like I said before its really messed up to post stuff like that before asking the person/people you’re accusing—you didn’t even make an attempt; if I was going to publicly accuse you of something that would get you banned, I’d at least give you that respect. It really screws up both my own and my FC’s reputation when we haven’t done anything against the rules.

I really don’t like speaking on behalf of people but I don’t feel like I have a choice: that guy is the one that I explained lives in the states and doesn’t have the ping issues the rest of us experience. To boot, now he also is better than most at PvP because he gets to play FF all day, whenever he wants, during prime time, etc—he is retired
and I’m sure he doesn’t exclusively queue with us. He only has PLD/WAR/DRK leveled, which is problematic when we switch up teams because he can only be swapped out for one roll where the rest of us are more versatile.

I understand your point and respect your opinion, and thank you for being civil. You’re correct, and we have played wolves den too, much more than we’ve played the feast, actually. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know by saying wolves den eventually gets boring, just like the feast eventually will. If PVP queues weren’t so terrible during the time when I can play, I probably wouldn’t care so much about losing due to ping… But 4+ hours in a queue (or no queue pop at all) only to be at a disadvantage stinks.

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