ffxivtips – Winter Upgrades Batch 4

ffxivtips – Winter Upgrades Batch 4


The final set of winter upgrades.


We’ve already had loads of upgrades from batches 1, 2 and 3, but with today being the final Friday of February, we’re now seeing the last set roll out.


Players getting stat bumps in this final round include +1 increases for Insigne, Griezman, Perisic, Draxler, Podolski and Sagna, +2 for Diarra, Douglas Costa, Moussa Sissoko and Neymar and plus 3 for Navas. For the full list, check out the upgrades page on futhead.com.


With each previous week, if a player you thought deserved an upgrade didn’t recieve one there was “always next week” but that’s no longer the case with this batch being the last one. Feel free to kick and scream in the comments if someone missed out.


To see more detail on these and the previous upgrades, you can find them on the site now. You can also download the latest excel file to see how In-forms have been effected by the upgrades. Or just look at the table below.


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