ffxivtips : Why Lost Ark Is the Most Anticipated Korean MMORPG after Black Desert

ffxivtips : Why Lost Ark Is the Most Anticipated Korean MMORPG after Black Desert

Tencent Games has announced to publish Lost Ark in China and will start first beta test in early 2016. This is the first oversea market confirmed for Lost Ark. I learned more gameplay details of the eye-catching action MMORPG at TGC 2015 and believed it will be the next MMORPG that would get a lot of hype. Read on to see the reasons.
The game's life professions and combat classes are independent to each other
You can switch between combat class and life profession but you can't be both as you can in other MMORPGs. For instance, if you are now a Warlord, you can't do crafting until you switch to Miner or Hunter and vice versa.
Life profession skill trees

The game has a very large life profession system. You can choose from 8 professions, each of which has unique skill tree and 6-8 active abilities. That makes gathering and crafting more interesting than those in other MMOs. The images below are some examples.
You start with doing mining with pickaxe but as you level up your life profession, you can use explosive for additonal bonuses

You can also do logging with your friends to save your time
Dungeons include cinematic dungeons and guardian dungeons
Guardian dungeon is about battling boss monster (no mobs clearning) similar to Monster Hunter game. Cinematic dungeon, as the name suggests, is meant to impress you with visual effects and cool actions packed with cinematics. You can learn an example of cinematic dungeon in the image below.

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