ffxivtips | Webzen Reveals Its 2016 Roster

ffxivtips | Webzen Reveals Its 2016 Roster

Webzen, a major publisher of free-to-play online games, announced a large batch of games slated to come out this year. The lineup consists of not only PC-based games, but also browser and mobile offerings. Some are additions to existing franchises while others are new.

These include:

  • MU Legend — The highly anticipated sequel to MU Online, set to begin Closed Beta in Korea on April 21
  • The Beast – A new mobile action MORPG with a unique pet system
  • C9 M — A mobile version of Continent of the Ninth Seal
  • Shot Online M — For those who want golf on the go
  • Light Fall — A new PC MMORPG

The company is also currently working on franchising products for some of its more popular IPs, such as MU Online and Soul Ultimate Nation.

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