ffxivtips | We dive into FFXIV’s new Deep Dungeon: The Palace of the Dead

ffxivtips | We dive into FFXIV’s new Deep Dungeon: The Palace of the Dead

Debuting in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.35, The Palace of the Dead is a new type of dungeon content that can be attempted solo or a group of up to four players. In the video below, Nova Crystallis staff Erren Van Duine, Tony Garsow, and Looking Forward To It alum Mike Dantoni descend through the first ten floors. Fair warning — we get a bit silly.

What makes this dungeon so different is that it uses an independent leveling system and features random elements. Yes, you’ll start at Level 1 when you enter, but you’ll quickly amass levels you descend, unlocking the abilities for the class/Job you’ve chosen. Treasure chests will also power up a special Aetherpool weapon and armor as your gear from the outside world doesn’t count. These same treasure chests will also bestow dungeon-exclusive items that can boost your strength and defense — or they can disable traps and reveal the full map. Each floor’s layout has elements of randomness built in, so no spelunking trip will have the exact same foils.

The minigame also has a save slot feature, and when you complete 10 floors that include a boss at the end, your progress will automatically save. Wipe before then and… well… you’ll need to “reload” your last save progress.

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