ffxivtips : Warframe Update Echoes of The Sentient Gone Live

ffxivtips : Warframe Update Echoes of The Sentient Gone Live

Digital Extremes' Warframe announced that the new Update — Echoes of the Sentient –went online, offering PC players a wealth of new gameplay, environments and customizations. Players can move through the Solar System in an entirely new way with a completely overhauled Parkour system, visit an underwater world with new Archwing Submersible levels, go on a Quest for the new Equinox Warframe and so much more.

Primary highlights of Echoes of the Sentient include:

NEW WARFRAME — Split between day and night, Equinox manifests aggressive and defensive forms at will.

PLAYER MOVEMENT OVERHAUL — Experience a complete overhaul to movement in the game. Changes include the addition of Double Jump, Bullet Jump, Wall Latch, Wall Dash and Aim Gliding.

ARCHWING SUBMERSIBLE — Explore new depths in the oceans of Uranus, smoothly transitioning from on-foot to submersible Archwing mode! Encounter new and deadly Grineer enemies in unique environments and enjoy various game modes including Defense, Survival, Capture, Rescue, Mobile Defense, Exterminate, and Sabotage!


NEW BOSS BATTLE — Tyl Regor is back and is stronger than ever. Assassinate this skilled threat amidst the oceans of Titania, Uranus!

NEW QUEST — Is the strange drone scanning Tenno just an upgraded piece of Corpus technology or are there more sinister things stirring in the Origin System?

NEW TILESET — Delve into the depths of the Grineer Ocean with a new underwater Tileset.


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