ffxivtips : Ubisoft Announces Multiplayer RPG – For Honor

ffxivtips : Ubisoft Announces Multiplayer RPG – For Honor

The new IP debuted during Ubisoft's E3 2015 Conference earlier. For Honor, developed by Ubisoft, For Honor is coming to PC, PS4, and XBox One.

Ubisoft showed us a very breath-taking cinematic trailer, once again during the conference.

During the cinematic trailer, they showed us a few gameplay demo with multiple knights wearing fancy armors battling it out with the enemies in a somewhat pretty brutal way. 

There is limited information being release about For Honor just yet, but as soon as we get any news and information, I'll definitely keep this arcticle updated with the latest information possible, so stay tuned to 2P.com, and make sure to not get off the hype train!

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