ffxivtips : Tree of Savior Guide: Hidden Quests Locations and NPCs

ffxivtips : Tree of Savior Guide: Hidden Quests Locations and NPCs

First of all the guide contains spoilers so if you plan to figure out the hidden quests yourself you should come back later. This guide is made by TOS player COLG_请叫我虾池 at colg.cn.

[1] Military Support
Map: West Siauliai Woods
Quest: Talk to the guards in the woods, check the recruitment notice boards, and then talk to Knight Titas
Level Requirement: Can farm in Dvasia Peak (lvl 138)
Reward: Stamina+5 potion
[2] Failure and Success
Map: Ferdimian
Quest: Fail to enhance gear for about 13 times in front of the gear merchant NPC and then talk to him
Level Requirement: Can farm outside the town of Ferdimian (lvl 106)
Reward: SP+20 potion
[3] Each Step united
Map: Klaipedia
Quest: Talk to a knight NPC in the northwest of the town of Klaipedia
Level Requirement: Can farm in Forest of Prayer (lvl 148)
Reward: Weight+100 potion
[4] Owl Grave Test
Map: Owl Burial Ground
Quest: Talk to the NPC at Owl Burial Ground
Requirement: —
Rewards: SP +20 potion, Pink Hair Dye
[5] Brother, and after
Map: Fedimian
Quest: Talk to Coben in Dedimian
Requirement: May need to complete The Wizard and Magician Tower first
[6] The Wizard and Magician Tower
Map: All maps
Quest: Talk to every Job master NPC and then come back talk to Thaumaturge job master. Look for some books in Mage Tower and read them.
Reward: Stamina +5 potion
[7] Open Sesame
Map: Crystal Mine Lot 2
Quest: A prelude will be automatically triggered in that area. Examine all Purification Machine in 1F and 2F and remember the 5 numbers you got. Go back to starting point, open chat window and enter the number to receive the quest
Requirement: Complete Crystal Mine Lot 1 quests
Reward: Dex+1 potion
[8] Repair the Practice Wooden Seal
Map: Klaipedia HighLander Training Hall
Quest: Break the wooden practice dummy with one hit
Reward: Weight+100 potion

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