ffxivtips : Tree of Savior G-STAR 2015 Trailer Revealed, OBT in Mid December

ffxivtips : Tree of Savior G-STAR 2015 Trailer Revealed, OBT in Mid December

Yesterday, we reported that Tree of Savior, developed by IMC GAMES, is going to enter open beta in Korea somewhere in December and with the starting of G-STAR 2015,  a new trailer has been released, showing a lot of new content, including new areas, dungeons, new classes, bosses and so on. Attendees can have their hands on the latest version of Tree of Savior and have a chance to win OBT key, original soundtrack and related game illustrations.

Tree of Savior was firstly announced at G-star 2013. After its debut, NEXON and IMC Games signed an agreement to co-publish this title. Tree of Savior is an upcoming MMORPG developed by the "Father of Korean Online Games", Kim Hakkyu under his company, imcGAMES in Korea. Tree of Savior features 80 job classes and an open world that allows players to roam freely. Tree of Savior is a 2.5D quarter view game that uses hand drawn backgrounds to allow players to experience a kind of fairy tale feeling in the game. Tree of Savior is expected to be the "Spiritual Successor" of Ragnarok Online.


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