ffxivtips : Tree of Savior English Beta Extends to December; 2 New Languages Confirmed

ffxivtips : Tree of Savior English Beta Extends to December; 2 New Languages Confirmed

Tree of Savior developer imcGames has announced the extension of the game’s second international closed beta. The beta was originally planned to conclude on November 25 and now got extended to December 9. That means all servers including original servers and the new Latin American servers will be closed on that day. Below is the official announcement.

Greetings, this is IMCGAMES TOS Team.

We are glad to announce to you that our 2nd CBT on Steam will be extended by 2 weeks.

Therefore, CBT will end on December 9th, 23:00 PM (EST).

(All servers, including Latin American Server, will close on the same day.)
Since many people are asking us to provide EXP Boost Event, we will start the event right away after we finish posting this announcement on the forums. (the event will last until the end of CBT)

We want you to test the high level contents that you weren't able to test and send us your feedback.

The EXP points that you will receive from now on will be doubled.

(Please note that EXP cards will stay the same as before)

Enjoy TOS!

Thank you.

Besides, the developer team confirms to add Portuguese and Thai language support for the game. They are working with GitHub for the translation and asking the community who’d like to help to join the translation. If you are interested, check out below.
1. English to Portuguese
2. English to Thai

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