ffxivtips : Top 5 Evie Tips for Paladins Beginners

ffxivtips : Top 5 Evie Tips for Paladins Beginners

Paladins has been rapidly changing throughout its closed beta, so it's very hard for new players to keep up. If you're still trying to get the hang of the game's newest character Evie, here are some tips that will make you feel more at home with the wintery witch's mechanics and playstyle. 

Aim at the Ground
One of the easiest mistakes to make with Evie is trying to hit targets directly with your standard attacks. The projectile has an awkward travel time and rhythm, making it very difficult to nail people square in the body. Thankfully it also features a sizable area of effect that does splash damage to anything nearby its impact point. That means you can aim it at the ground near an opponent's feet to more reliably do damage to them, and sometimes even hit multiple targets. If you try to shoot people directly, typically your snow balls of doom will go flying by and dissipate without ever making contact. Aiming at the ground ensures that they'll explode and give you much better accuracy on average. 

Use Your Illusions for Cover, Not Just Damage
Evie's illusions can definitely do a lot of damage, but that's not the only way in which they're useful. You can also cast them between you and opponents and actually weave between them with your movement, hoping to catch enemy fire on a clone instead of yourself. This can functionally increase your health pool by splitting damage onto your copies, and also frustrate opponents who are never quite sure who they're shooting at any given time. Getting the hang of standing behind your illusions and using them for cover will make you much peskier and threatening, as you increase your survivability and in turn pump out additional damage. 

Blink for Positioning and to Remove Debuffs
Far too many people just use Blink as an escape mechanism in combination with Soar. It's fine for making a quick getaway, but that's not the only way it's helpful. You can also use it for positional advantages in fights. Quick blinks behind an opponent can really disorient them and give you the informational upper-hand. You can also engage opponents at more favorable or unpredictable angles if you use it creatively. Also take note that it removes debuffs. Sometimes popping it just to get rid of a daze effect or a slow will be well worth it. 

Take Advantage of Your Verticality
Evie is the only character in the game that can effectively move vertically. Soar allows you to go up and down and all around. If you're not using it to gain the upper ground more readily and more easily, you're wasting it. Being higher up makes it easier to land your weapon attacks, and can really cause chaotic distress among the enemy team. That's especially true if you fly up into their base and wreak havoc on the back line where they expected to remain safe at all times. You can also fly to the top of certain pillars or other hard-to-reach areas for a surprising position or advantageous angle. 

Select Cards for Illusions
Evie isn't the strongest character at her base level. She has a weak health pool and doesn't output all that much damage by herself. To really get the most out of the character, you need to utilize your illusions well, and you need to spawn as many as possible. Choosing cards that meet those goals will make it much easier on you, as they do lots of passive damage, and increase your survivability to boot. 

Evie is one of the game's most unique and exciting characters to play. The sound effects are rewarding, flying is ridiculously fun, and killing people with illusions is wonderful. She's also got the coolest visual design in the game, and a fantastic voice actor to keep you engaged. Combine all that with a skilled player, and you might just have the game's best character! 

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