ffxivtips : Top 10 Upcoming New MMORPGs to Look Forward to in 2016

ffxivtips : Top 10 Upcoming New MMORPGs to Look Forward to in 2016

Beside getting ready for the winter holidays, December is the month when we get to take a sneak peek into the future and see what major MMOs 2016 will bring us. 

The previous year was a decent one, we saw the downfall of ArcheAge, got our hopes up again with Black Desert and a few other games and rejoiced (at least some did) at WildStar and Guild Wars 2 turning free to play. The biggest surprise, at least for me, was Blade and Soul announcement which came without any hint. Although many years had passed since the game was released in KR, there are still thousands of players waiting for it.

So let's see what major titles are to be expected next year (this list contains games that are still under heavy development so we may not see the official release in 2016, but for sure we will get more details and learn about their core features soon). Our top 10 MMOs to look for in 2016, without a particular order:

1. Lineage Eternal
2. Lost Ark
3. Bless
4. Peria Chronicles
5. Project EXA
6. Warhammer 40k Eternal Crusade
7. Star Citizen
8. ION
9. Everquest Next
10. Torchlight Mobile

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