ffxivtips : The Division Interview: Dark Zone is a Walled-off Area, Not Just A PvP Zone

ffxivtips : The Division Interview: Dark Zone is a Walled-off Area, Not Just A PvP Zone

Recently, 2P got a chance to make a interview with Fredrik Rundqvist, the executive producer of Tom Clancy's The Division. During the interview, Fredirk Rundqvist revealed some details of the game. Check them out in below.

1. Division is the game with open world. Could you please give further introduction of Division’s open world? How free users can play in Division?

A: In the Division you are free to explore the entire game at your own pace. You can take on missions, side missions and other activities in any order your like. It´s a very large and living world!
2. Could you please give more explanation on the features of Dark Zone? Besides Dark Zone, could we expect more PVP modes? What about the update frequency of game content in the future?

A: The Dark Zone is a walled-off area in the center of the game world. It was the first established quarantine zone before the military lost control. The DZ is now a lawless area where you find all the best equipment (loot) and weapons left in there. DZ is not just a pvp mode, you will also find other AI factions in there, also attracted by the same high quality loot as you are. But you will also encounter other gamers and you have to choose to collaborate or engage!
3. It is said for the final release of Division, the resolution on PS4 is 1080p, while 900p on Xbox One. Is that true?

A: The game is still in development and we are focusing on providing the best experience for players. We are at a stage of production where we have yet to finalize our adaptation for each SKU. 
4. Do we have single player mode in Division? Or it’s a pure online game, MOTPS?  How many users at most can play simultaneously in a game session?

A: The game has been ground up designed as an online multiplayer and to maximize the social interactions with other gamers. Having said that you can enjoy the entire campaign on your own.
5. How can users get weapons, armors and other gears in Division? How to get top-level items?

A: You will find weapons and loot by attacking enemies, finding special loot caches, rewards in missions. 
6. Can users customize their characters in Division, such as appearance, figure etc.? What about skills and other systems for players to develop their characters?

A: Yes you will be able to create your own character, it’s the first thing you do before entering into the world of the Division. Skills, Talents etc is part of your progression as you level up your character.

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