ffxivtips : Terraria Fishing Guide

ffxivtips : Terraria Fishing Guide

Fishing in Terraria was introduced in with the 1.2.4 patch. While it is a gameplay element that may seem trivial and easy to ignore, once used to its maximum potential, it can be extremely useful and lucrative.

Fishing in Terraria is not an easy task, and while the fact you need to obtain your own fishing rod and bait to start fishing requires enough work, you will need to put much more effort into it to optimize your fishing activities.

Factors that affect fishing include:

  • Your Fishing Power
  • Your fishing rod,
  • The "Bait Power" of your bait
  • Your items (armor, accessories, potions)
  • The time at which you fish
  • The size of your fishing area

Fishing Power
The Fishing power is the total of all the above factors in the form of a number. Players will need between 60 and 100 Fishing Power to be effective, while any number below 45 will be completely ineffective. This coefficient not only affects your chances of success when fishing, but will also determine the chances you have of obtaining rare items.

The fishing rod
The fishing rod will be by far the factor that will have the most impact on your Fishing Power.
The 5 main fishing rods that you will want to find include:

  • Wood Fishing Pole: The first fishing rod craftable the game, it allows to fish very early in the game. Possesses a Fishing Power of 5%.
  • The Fisher Souls: This rod is craftable early in the game, only requiring 8 Demonite bars, easily can find in the mines or in corruption. Possesses a Fishing Power of 20%.
  • The Fiberglass Fishing Pole: One of the most profitable fishing rods in pre-hard mode, the Fiberglass Fishing Pole cab be found found randomly (2% chance) in the mini-temples of the jungle. If you have ever find one, keep it preciously. Possesses a Fishing Power of 27%.
  • The Hotline Fishing Pole: The only fishing rod able to function in the lava, this one is available only after switching to hard mode, obtainable at random (1/150 chance) by completing any quest, or after completing more than 25 fisherman quests. Possesses a Fishing Power of 45%.
  • The Golden Fishing Pole: If there was a god tier fishing rod, it would be the Golden Fishing Pole. It is not craftable and you only obtain it in hard mode after completing more than 50 fisherman quests (or a 1/250 chance of obtaining it by completing any other quest). Possesses a Fishing Power of 50%.

The Baits are small animals that you can find in the world of Terraria. They also appear in the form of items that can be crafted or obtained through the fisherman quests. The 3 main types of baits available include insects (5%-50% Bait Power depending on the insect), jellyfish (20% Bait Power), and basic bait items that can be crafted or bought from the fisherman (15%-50% Bait Power depending on the item). Hard mode also possesses a unique and near impossible to find bait known as the Truffle Worm, possessing 666% Bait Power, making it the item that affects your Fishing Power the most.

Fishing items
To increase your Fishing Power, it's is also essential to know equip yourself accordingly with the appropriate gear. There take the form of several potions (Crate Potion and Fishing Potion), equipment (Angler armor), and several accessories.

Time and fishing area size
The time of the day (as in real life) is vital to maximize your chances of successfully fishing. Therefore prefer the early morning (directly after getting your daily quest for example) or late afternoon. Fishing during the day is possible, but you will not be obtaining any decent loot.

Finally, the size of your fishing area will be an essential element to consider before starting a fishing trip. The bigger it is, the more advantageous it will be for you.

There are also a few other factors that will affect your fishing success, including the moon phase, whether its raining, and the biome you fish in.

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