ffxivtips : Tencent Not Working with Third Party on Monster Hunter Online English Patch

ffxivtips : Tencent Not Working with Third Party on Monster Hunter Online English Patch

Monster Hunter Online Chinese open beta will soon start on December 17 (Dec 18 in most western time zones) and it has no ip block, no beta key is requested, which means everyone can get in the game and do some huntings. However, this is a China exclusively game so many players are asking about potential English patch. Tencent's MHO team told 2P.com earlier today that currently they are not working with any third party group on the English patch. We won't see the model Tree of Savior international uses for English localization, where the developer team workswith the communities on English translation.

However, Tencent Games is aware of the hype for Monster Hunter Online worldwide and they are willing to support MHO fansites if players plan to build one, giving them some assistance on the translation work. So far, we haven't got any confirmation from Tencent MHO team about the "official" English patch but they does not officially oppose an English patch made by the community either, so I guess we might still get an English patch from the community.

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