ffxivtips : TGC 2015 Interview: Lost Ark Will Bring a new Experience of ARPGs

ffxivtips : TGC 2015 Interview: Lost Ark Will Bring a new Experience of ARPGs

Tencent Games has finally revealed its mysterious title at TGC 2015, which is exactly rumored blockbuster game Lost Ark. Developed by famous Korea company Smilegate, Lost Ark is a Diablo style ARPG which debuted at G-Star 2014. This is the second time Tencent Games has teamed up with Smilegate to bring famous MMO game to China. The first one is the Crossfire which has already made huge success in China. At TGC 2015, 2P team and 17173 had an opportunity to sit down with Smilegate Tencent teams to talk about this highly-anticipated Hack & Slash quarter view MMORPG Lost Ark. Let's take a look.

When will first Lost Ark's beta start? Will Chinese Beta catch up the pace of Korean version? Does Smilegate plan to bring this game to western gamers? 
According to the progress of development, the first Lost Ark's beta will begin in the first half of 2016 in Korea, which is followed by Chinese servers. As for western market, we don't have any plan now, and our main focus is Asian market.

What's the core competence of Lost Ark when facing numbers of MMOs in the gaming market?
First of all, I think Lost Ark is a MMORPG which emphasizes powerful real-time actions and diverse gameplays. Moreover, in order to deal with duplicate content in ARPGs nowadays, we are planning to add more extended content after the game launches. I hope the growth of characters is not about their stats, but the storyline and players' choices.

What's the new content we can expect at the upcoming version?
Players will experience the epic dungeon system and unique elements of exploration in game. Riding the giant mounts and making full use of terrain to fight against heinous bosses, traveling among mysterious islands, collecting various ships and finally conquering the different islands. Besides, Lost Ark also features independent development system such as fishing, mining and logging.

Could you tell us some unique features in Lost Ark's dungeon?
There is a new mode called Surprise Mode in Lost Ark. Players will encounter all kinds of Bosses randomly when leveling their way up through dungeons. Please be careful and cooperate with your teammates to defeat them. 

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