ffxivtips : Strategy Card Game Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Closed Beta Dated November 25

ffxivtips : Strategy Card Game Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Closed Beta Dated November 25

Jagex has announced the PC Closed Beta date for its upcoming online strategy card game Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. The first beta will kick off on November 25, 2015, and it is scheduled to launch in 2016 for both PC and iPad. Players can sign up for this beta here.

Set within the pages of a magical book where the world of Gielinor unfolds before your eyes, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends offers a unique strategic twist on card games. Players can craft quest with a deck of cards, battle enemies for gold and bonuses, and then face the final challenge of player vs. player combat.

"Following the fantastic reception Chronicle received at RuneFest – from both RuneScape fans and games press – it's great to reveal that the game will begin its closed beta on PC in just a few short weeks," said James Sweatman, lead designer for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends. "This is our chance to get solid feedback from our would be player-base for the very first time, which will help further develop and refine Chronicle ahead of next year's launch."

For more information about this game, check out our Chronicle: RuneScape Legends hub.

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