ffxivtips : Star Citizen Adds $350 New Ship in Its Anniversary Sale

ffxivtips : Star Citizen Adds $350 New Ship in Its Anniversary Sale

Star Citizen has had over 1 million backers and raised over 95 million funds. It's a successful 3 years for the CryEngine 3 space sim although it hasn't formally launched yet. Now the game has kicked off the anniversary sale, with couples of new ships being added. The new ships include a $350 repair ship Crucible.


A so-called "flying toolbox," the Crucible is Anvil Aerospace’s first dedicated repair ship. Featuring a rotating control bridge and a detachable pressurized workspace, the Crucible is a versatile mobile garage equipped with repair arms, a drone operation center and all the equipment needed to overhaul a damaged craft back into fighting shape.
The Crucible, our penultimate Wave Four concept ship, is now available! Designed by the legendary Ryan Church, this repair ship is just the thing for keeping your fleet up and running. When closed, the detachable workshop allows crews to repair single seat fighters internally. When open, the Crucible can use its remote arms to attach and repair larger craft! You can learn more about the Crucible here, and Star Citizen’s overall repair mechanic here.

Several other ships are available to buy, along with some physical merchandise. Check out here if you are interested.

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