ffxivtips : [Spotlight Saturday] Gloria Victis Bringing back Hardcore Medieval Style MMOs

ffxivtips : [Spotlight Saturday] Gloria Victis Bringing back Hardcore Medieval Style MMOs

Gloria Victis is a relatively new indie gaming that's taking the indie community by storm. Some individuals are even referring to it as a "dark horse" in the indie genre. Bringing back the hardcore medieval style MMOs, while maintaining that flare of modern MMOs is a perfect description of what Gloria Victis is. Luckily, Guilty Crown Gaming had the opportunity to speak to one of the members of Black Eye Games.

Keep up to date with official news of the games development – http://gloriavictisgame.com/

Hi Bartold, thanks very much for agreeing to this interview. Could you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself as you’re pretty much a mystery to most of us!

Welcome, it’s a pleasure to me! I’m a game designer, story writer and PR officer in Gloria Victis development team. I live in Poland and personally I’m a lucky husband and father, a passionate of history, medieval reenactor, medieval combat participant and low-fantasy freak.

Tell me, what was Gloria Victis's inspiration for taking on a project like this? Was there a particular game that played a role in inspiring the development of Gloria Victis?

The main factor which made us to start developing Gloria Victis was the fact that back in time, around 2012, almost every MMORPG was the clone of any Korean AAA title – anime-style, full of fireballs and having with the steel bikinis as the best available armors. 🙂 And at the same time the Medieval-inspired or low-fantasy worlds have been triumphing in the single-player games, like Mount’n’Blade, Gothic or Witcher. We really wanted to play MMORPG set in a Medieval-like world and putting strong effort on the “RPG” part, so we decided to not wait anymore, but just do it!

So what are Black Eye Game's plans with taking this game forward? Is there a specific timeline in which we can expect CBT and hopefully release?

Unfortunately I can’t say it for sure, as we are a small indie team without budget, except the donations, but carefully let’s say that CBT should be there by the end of this year and release in 2016.

What is your favorite feature in Gloria Victis?

I’m sorry, but it’s impossible – I just don’t know which one should I choose. 🙂 At the beginning I was amazed how good and engaging can be a combat in MMO when it’s non-target, using the directional attacks. Every time I lose a fight, I’m not angry on my opponent but only on myself, realizing how much I still have to learn.

And at some time we let our players to decide about the loot system and they choose the partial loot – and this is it! You feel that the PVP is risk vs reward, but it attracts both hardcore veterans and the less experienced players.

Later I was told to design the crafting logic – as I said, I’m a Medieval reenactor so I could use my knowledge in game. In effect we have, according to the players feedback, one of the deepest and intriquing crafting systems. 🙂

And the last of my favorite features – atmosphere made by our players. You just sense the hatred in the air when Ismirs and Midlanders meet in the valley, “kinship” inside the nation and euphoria when your outnumbered team defeats the enemy. And it’s still pre-alpha!

Obviously as a player, I have to ask you this question. What is your nation in Gloria Victis?

Midlanders! I wanted to play a man-at-arm, fighting those bad and mistaken for my good and righteous country – being a Midlander allow me to do so.

"There will be also duels, arena fights, territory control and both guild and faction wars. However, slaying allies may result in punishments and sanctions." Can you expand on the territory control feature? Will there be a benefit to owning territory?

With the territory control system, players and guilds can take over various strategic points – farms and mines to gather the key resources, forts and keeps to regroup, defend the land better or set up a respawn point or even castles and cities. At the moment it’s based on capturing the flags inside these structures and effects in access to the better resources spots and merchants with useful wares, as well as the additional respawn points or NPC guards.

In future owning a territory will give other various benefits – as we plan to implement a building system, guilds will be able to settle down on a land, building up the town. The town could be upgraded to a great city but it will also require a line of defence against the other players and a lot of supplies. Thus the guild leader will be able to give their vassals lands to build castles or outposts on them, protecting their senior and renting houses to the other players. So in the end, players will receive access to the best resources spots – important aspect since the economy is player-driven – as well as profits from trade in their towns and a feeling of power as they will rule the lands.

One of Gloria Victis's key feature seems to be open pvp, is it safe to say we can expect the same emphasis in regards to PvE content?

Yes, open PVP is a key in Gloria Victis. PVE will also be extensive, offering players various challenges as e.g. hunting, tracking the brigands or dangerous religious factions and standing against the creatures inspired my Medieval folklore.

As many of us look into Gloria Victis, there seems to be a strong emphasis on the factions, will there be any particular specialized benefits when selecting a faction?

We think about it. Midlanders, for instance, could be better skilled in fighting longswords and ride horses wearing plate armors, while Ismirs could be masters in axe + shield combat and surviving in the northern climate and Azebs could be the fastest horse riders and brilliant archers etc. It would fit well to the game lore, but the main key is – will the players want it in our class-less progression system? If they will, then we will implement such benefits in future.

Will Gloria Victis have "raids"?

There will be raids and dynamic events, e.g. brigands coming out of woods to plunder the caravans or peasant rebellions. However, unlike in the most of MMORPGs, we would like to keep the world really open and without loading screens and instances, so raids and events would happen in real time for everyone.

What do you believe is one of the most ‘epic’ moments within Gloria Victis? [Bosses, Cinematic, Quest related Objectives]

PVP, definitely! It is a game with open world, open PVP and great focus on a roleplay, so the best part of it will always be the players themselves. Last month I was chasing one Ismir for few days to take back my longsword, which he stole me. When I finally found him, I killed him after really hard duel and looted the sword. I was happy as hell! But next day he ambushed me with his teammate, so I lost the sword again – and I was chasing him again. This lasted for two weeks or so – finally my sword is safe with me, but it was really engaging experience.
The other day we had to defend the mountain keep against Ismirs who outnumbered us – we stood for about 20 minutes losing only one fighter and won this battle, thanks to well-done shieldwall and co-operation. Until the last minute I didn’t believe we can win – but we did!

So Gloria Victis is referred to as a "Dark-Horse" in the indie gaming community, gaining high acclaim from various gaming media outlets. What's your take on that?

It’s always great to read or hear words like this, especially that, having no budget, we exist only thanks to our backers. However we still have a lot of work as we don’t ever want to disappoint our community, so we don’t rest on our laurels and just do our job the best we can. Will be a “Dark-Horse”? We hope so!

So a lot of us in the community are itching for news on the development of Gloria Victis, what can we expect in future updates?

A lot of new features, to be honest. Last days we were working in improving the gameplay and making it more “user-friendly”, so in the nearest updates we will implement in-game tutorials, achievements, friends list, attacks queuing, bowshot power indicator depending on a time of an attack hold and upgradeable gates of keeps, castles and towns, as well as objects to be thrown down the their walls.

At the same time we are working on doubling the world’s size, so in effect we will add another big city, fully controlled and settled by the players, and with it there will come the very first version of the building system. On new lands there will also be a hideout of the renegades – special faction, which players will be able to choose to leave the Midlandic or Ismirean history beyond and live on their own, even unite as the player-ruled nation. We are also reworking the inventory system, because our players asked us to implement the additional bags or backpacks. Busy! 🙂

Obviously as a gamer yourself, will players be expected to grind mobs for countless hours to grind or even complete a quest?

For sure the players won’t be expected to grind for countless hours to farm some good equipment – the economy is player-based, so the most of items come from crafters. Speaking about the progression – players can, of course, level up by killing mobs, but they can also do it by learning crafting and in future there will be the extensive quests base to complete.

Obviously as a writer for the Gloria Victis team, what's your inspiration to developing the story? How in-depth can we expect the lore to be? Will minor NPCs have a rich backstory?

First of all, I’m a history passionate. There is a lot of awesome events in our history to be used as the story base, e.g. the peasant rebellion in Poland initiated in XII c. initiated by priests of the Slavic gods, which in effect led the Polish capital to be almost taken by the Czech army. On the second hand, I love the ambitious low- and dark-fantasy literature, like “The Witcher” series or books a few of Polish young writers. And the last, but not least – Planescape: Torment was something that really changed my mind and showed me how the NPCs should be designed.

The lore in Gloria Victis will be based on mature, expanded and nonlinear stories, touching difficult subjects like faith, morality and the essence of humanity. Quests will be mostly multilayered and their result depending on e.g. the way of completing them or the players reputation, and the most of NPCs will have their unique history, personality and values.

Okay Bartold thanks very much for your time and I wish you all the best at the continue success of Gloria Victis..
Thank you too and good luck with developing your great community!

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