ffxivtips : Sandbox Game Tree of Life: Beginning of a Journey Coming to Steam in May

ffxivtips : Sandbox Game Tree of Life: Beginning of a Journey Coming to Steam in May

Why aren’t there any fun games when we live in a world full of MMORPG games? It’s because these games require infinite hunting and quests to complete. In order to change the status quo, Korean game development team Oddonegames has just announced a brand-new sandbox game Tree of Life: Beginning of a Journey which is coming to Steam in May.

Developed by a three-man Dev team, Oddonegames aims to make games that inspire people and provide a touching experience. Tree of Life : Beginning of a Journey is the game will definitely give you an unique experience. Thousands of players live in an immersible game world and every passing movement your character will be affected in real-time. All players will be involved in a complex economy, a dynamic life and you will also be able to communicate with other users very closely. Although this is not a traditional survival game, it reminds me the Don't Starve Together.

Key Features

World that changes in real-time
The world of ‘Tree of Life’ changes every minute through the actions of other players.

Unusual Monsters System
If you ignore unusual monsters, they will respond back to you by building a monster village. You can also travel to new dungeons by traversing through cracks in spacetime.

Build anywhere you want your village to be
You can build anywhere in the game world and share your buildings with others.

A variety of content and high flexibility
You can get resources through hunting, logging, mining, gathering, fishing, farming or ranching.

Combat with strategy and tactics
As your village flourishes, it is more likely that monsters will plan attacks to steal your resources. You can hire guards or build defense towers or walls to keep your village safe. Even more, you can take revenge and attack monster’s village.

Check out Tree of Life: Beginning of a Journey official site and Steam for all the details.

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