ffxivtips – Rhythm Heaven Megamix Announced For 3DS

ffxivtips – Rhythm Heaven Megamix Announced For 3DS

Nintendo has announced Rhythm Heaven Megamix (Rhythm Paradise Megamix in Europe) for Nintendo 3DS and confirmed it will launch in North America and Europe in 2016.

As detailed in the Nintendo Direct on March 4, it will contain over 100 rhythm games, 70 of which have been “carefully selected from previous titles in the series.”

According to Nintendo, Rhythm Heaven Megamix is drawing from the best of the original GameBoy Advance title, Rhythhm Tengoku, which was never released outside of Japan.

Other minigames are taken from Nintendo DS title Rhythm Heaven, and Wii’s Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise. There’s also 30 new rhythm games.

Nintendo’s Direct even featured a number of additional announcements. Take a look at it all using the links below.

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