ffxivtips : PvP-focused Sandbox Das Tal Full Alpha Test Key Giveaway

ffxivtips : PvP-focused Sandbox Das Tal Full Alpha Test Key Giveaway

Lately, the fast-paced PvP-focused Sandbox MMORPG Das Tal from Fairytale Distillery released great news that its 24/7 servers are finally here on the moring of October 31st. They will be starting the first persistent servers, which will run for eight days straight (that's over 200 hours!). 2P.com joins hands with Fairytale to offer 30 precious full alpha test seats for 2P.com community. The full alpha keys mean they will work for all future alpha events, although they are obviously not full release keys.Would you want to take a seat in Das Tal test? Please do not hesitate to join in our event.

What Will The Test Involve?

If you have been taking a look at our blogs, you have no doubt seen all the work we have put into adding new features. The move to 24/7 servers will allow us to properly test how all these features perform in a persistent world. The main additions include:

  • Clan warfare, settlement building & upgrades, sieges and daily resource raid events.
  • Brand-new player progression system that allows for greater flexibility in how to develop your character.
  • More than double our previous number of armor and weapon abilities. We've added tons of new abilities and we've reworked a lot of existing ones.
  • Completely reworked crafting system, with many new materials to gather and strategic choices to make.
  • A brand new map zone featuring our new Mountain biome. Grey is the new orange!
  • Custom control configurations: No more problems with AZERTY keyboards! You can now create your own control schemes.

Event Rules:

Step 1: Register an account in www.2p.com.
Step 2: "Like" 2P.com Facebook, Das Tal Facebook and "Share" this giveaway.  


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