ffxivtips : Players Start Petition to Remove Black Desert NA & EU IP Block

ffxivtips : Players Start Petition to Remove Black Desert NA & EU IP Block

Like the other regions Black Desert's NA and EU version will block non-NA & EU IPs. The terms of use confirms that players from US, Mexico, Canada and all European countries, except Turkey and Russia will be able to play in NA and EU server. Russian players have their own version but players from Turkey along with Australia, New Zealand and Latin America won't be able to play in any version, looking from the current situation.

Therefore a petition to remove the ip block was started by homeless Black Desert players. Over 1,200 people have signed in the petition and the number is still growing. Below is a quote from the petition. Full petition can be viewed here.

Many countries would be affected by this decision, like Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, New Zealand and others. The mentioned countries languages are, mainly, spanish, english and portuguese, and the fanbase is huge.

We are used to play on North America and European servers, since many publishers launch them as International servers. Not only the company's profit would be higher, but the cultural merge would be much more rich.

Besides that, many of us also follow the game since it's early stages and we have been working hard to share informations and building up the game's community. 

Just like the players from North America and Europe, we dreamed about the day when the servers would finally come to the western public, since Black Desert Online is, in a majority opinion, the best next generation MMORPG with sandbox elements.

Guys whichever region you are from, tell us your thoughts on ip block. 

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