ffxivtips – Otherland Returns To Steam

ffxivtips – Otherland Returns To Steam


After almost two months, Drago Entertainment’s Otherland MMO has finally returned to Steam. The game, based on the popular Tad Williams novels, was removed from the digital service back in January to allow the developers to make changes to how the game was being published. The developers were ironing out a deal with a separate publisher to make things a bit easier on the production side.

Now, the game has returned to the Steam Store — continuing Early Access. Players can now buy into early access by picking up the standard, deluxe or collector’s edition of the game. According to the recent announcement, there will be adjustments to pricing in certain territories.

In addition, the developers have announced that they are currently in the process of preparing an update for release after the holidays. More information about that will be available at a later date.

Thanks to David for the heads up on this.

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