ffxivtips | Open Beta Announcement

ffxivtips | Open Beta Announcement

Greetings, Saviors!

Here’s a big announcement that all of you have been eagerly waiting for!
As some of you may have noticed on the website, there are quite a few things hinting at what is to come!

Yes, the Open Beta for Tree of Savior will be coming soon to a goddess statue near you!
So get your preferred control device ready, and don’t forget potions and stamina capsules either!
We’ll make another announcement on the exact date, so keep a vigilant lookout!

We know that all of you are eager to go slay some more Kepas and Popolions or craft some potions.
Before all that though, please read the updated ‘Terms of Service’, ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘EULA’.
Please go through them thoroughly and make sure you agree to them before playing in the Open Beta.

Much thanks and love to all of you fans out there for all your enthusiasm, support and love.
We wouldn’t have been able to get TOS to you so soon without them!

With love,
IMC Staff

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