ffxivtips : Nightfalls Open Beta Giftpack Code Giveaway

ffxivtips : Nightfalls Open Beta Giftpack Code Giveaway

To celebrate Nightfalls's Open Beta on December 2nd, 2p.com has teamed up with the 37 Games to give away Nightfalls open beta giftpack code.

Gold*10,Silver*30000,Lv 1 Gem Box*1,Stamina*3,Demon Fruit*2

1.Register an account in www.2p.com.
2. "Like" 2P.com Facebook page.

3. Enter your email below. If you do not have 2P.com account, please register first. After you register, take a second to refresh this page.

How to claim

  1. Log in Nighfalls and create a character
  2. Click on the Pack icon (upper right corner) and open the Gift Code tab
  3. Paste your code and get your free gift!

ABOUT Nightfalls

The Champion-Collecting MMORPG Nightfalls enters Open Beta today (December 2nd) with some new systems and gameplay features being unlocked, such as Advance Weapons and Treasure Exploration. During the Closed Beta, Nightfalls welcomed over 10 thousand global players with more than 56 thousand champions joining the battle against the evil Demon Lord Sallos. A new round of fierce combat is about to begin in the Open Beta.

In this MMORPG and strategy fused game, Nightfalls not only gives players a chance to choose their own smart champion lineup and strategy to beat enemies that are many times stronger than them, but also offers a sophisticated development system which allows player to cultivate their character and customize their own gear. The newly opened Advance Weapons system can use old gear and various collected materials to create new gear with higher attributes and better quality. Apart from Advance Weapons, there are also Enhancement, Upgrade, Gem Embedment and Enchantment. Experience endless options for crafting the perfect gear.

There are also a number of creative gameplay elements added to further players’ enjoyment of Nightfalls. The game combined the elements of chess with the elements of an action game to create a new hybrid system, called Treasury Exploration. Players can defeat mobs of monsters, hunt for mysterious treasure, and even use friends as scape goats when encountering some misfortune, all on a chest board! Besides this new system, there are various dungeons and PvP battles with different challenges for players –encounter endless enemies in Doomsday Battle, search for holy materials for evolving champions in Elite Dungeon, and get involved in massive PVP battles in the Arena and Cross-Server Guild Wars.

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