ffxivtips : New MMORPG World of Jade Dynasty Preview

ffxivtips : New MMORPG World of Jade Dynasty Preview

Perfect World has begun to develop a promising MMORPG game. As we know, the new project will be called World of Jade Dynasty (not to be confused with Jade Dynasty ).

This announcement of the sad news is that this MMORPG is being developed just for the Chinese game market, Westerners can only wait and hope that the project is localized to a language they understand.  At this stage, the developers told us the following information about your project:


  • World of Jade Dynasty is developed on PC and console.
  • For graphics and physics in the game will meet the engine Mirage Mirror.
  • The game will be flying ships.
  • The system of cross-server battlefield will allow you to constantly engage in battles and hone their skills.

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