ffxivtips : Naruto Online Taking A Look

ffxivtips : Naruto Online Taking A Look


This is coverage I posted I did a little while ago. I don't think this game gets the proper credit it deserves. It's often overlooked because people look down on flash games. But this one however is very good. You get to team with just about everyone from the Naruto universe. Most characters unlock as you level up in the story. Other characters are unlocked through pvp modes. Exclusive characters are unlocked through the pvp gauntlet mode. A survival type of gameplay exists there.

I like this game because it's officially backed by Namco and the Naruto creators. And will feature original story and long lost characters from the world. Naruto is moving into its third generation of the anime soon. So if you guys need a fix certainly try this game out.

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A nice team builder site for the game showed in this video

A guide on how to play the game is here

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