ffxivtips : Moonlight Blade Upcoming Update: Housing System

ffxivtips : Moonlight Blade Upcoming Update: Housing System

Moonlight Blade Online will be releasing the new housing system soon. The housing system provides a place for friends to gather and will become a new platform for other interesting casual gameplays. 

Selling of Land

Currently, some players might have noticed that there are some housing construction sites scattered over various places in the world map. When the housing system is released, these lands will be put up for auction. 

These housing sites are typically located at scenic areas, and each can accommodate up to approximately 10 houses. There are also housing sites on secluded locations (on top of mountains for example), which can only have up to 1 house, perfect for a hermit.  There is also a huge plot of housing site near the lake of Hangzhou, where huge mansions can be built. 

The first batch of housing sites to be auctioned will be divided into 3 categories: Large, Medium and Small. A large housing site can acommodate a luxurious mansion with a garden, pavillion, rockery and pond; a decent house can be built on a medium site, along with a garden. The small site is probably enough for a small hut with a mini-garden.

Rest assure that the housing system is not just for the rich. The housing system offers various scenic sites to suit the needs of all players.

Building House

After buying the land, it's time to look for the contractor (NPC) to start building your favorite house.

First, you will need to choose the design you like, each design requires different materials. After that, you will need to collect the appropriate building materials.

Furthermore, there will be Feng Shui Master who will evalute the Feng Shui of your house and give you advice on the decoration on your house. Good planning of Feng Shui will improve your personal relationship or increase your luck & fortune.

If you want a good Feng Shui for your residence, you can submit special materials to allow the Feng Shui Master to improve it.

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