ffxivtips : Moonlight Blade Online: Advanced Facial Customization

ffxivtips : Moonlight Blade Online: Advanced Facial Customization

Moonlight Blade Online has released a trailer showcasing its advanced, next-gen facial customization. The martial art MMORPG will commence its next CBT on 28th May 2015.

Typical MMORPG's in the market only provide 30-60 variables on facial features. The developer team of Moonlight Blade has introduced up to 200 variables, based on the 48 bones on a human face and the natural distribution facial muscles.

With the self-developed graphic engine, various surface texture effects have been applied to emulate real facial skin. The roughness of the skin and its age can also be adjusted. 

The facial customization of Moonlight Blade offers advanced costumization options. The make-up and eye shadows, for example can be further fine-tuned from the default options. The system also provides up to 80 facial markings for each gender. 

The system allows direct modification of facial features with mouse movement. The details on the face can be adjusted directly by clicking the face mask and moving the mouse, or with keyboard and sliders.

The character creation system also allows one to change the lighting and background for previewing purpose. Emotion of the character and camera angle can also be varied.  
Examples of Female characters:




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