ffxivtips : Monster Hunter Online Pre-open Beta: Group & Team Hunting System Preview

ffxivtips : Monster Hunter Online Pre-open Beta: Group & Team Hunting System Preview

The pre-open beta for Monster Hunter Online is soon upon us on next Thursday, December 17th and every hunter around the world can participate in this pre-open beta because there's no ip block and no need for beta keys (here's how to register and download). Many new contents including new weapons, monsters, systems will be added in this pre-open beta. Today Tencent revealed a brand new system called group and team hunting, which will bring hunters more fun and complete with other hunters to show their skills.

The group and team hunting system will link hunters more closer with each other. With this system, hunters are no longer hunting alone and all hunters will work together to build their team and group.

In team hunting, first you have to build your own team and complete with other teams. Two teams are competing at the same time, within the scope where they can see each other. One team can even use items to interfere the other team, bringing more uncertainty in the match.

                                                         Group Hunting Bracket

While group hunting is a perfect chance for hunters to show their group skills. Through qualifiers, participating hunting groups will have a rank based on hunting times and then the top 32 groups will be advanced to the next Bo3 (best of 3) single elimination stage. Each group will challenge the same monster in every round and whoever group first killed the monster win the game. Winning group will be decided after 5 rounds. Each participating group will be rewarded with different prizes after the match.

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