ffxivtips : Monster Hunter Online Character Pre-creation Lives Now with A Bonus Outfit

ffxivtips : Monster Hunter Online Character Pre-creation Lives Now with A Bonus Outfit

As we know Tencent Game's Monster Hunter Online will begin the pre-open beta test on December 17, 2015 and everyone can get in the game without a beta key, thanks to the non ip-block policy (here's how to register and download).

Tencent has updated the current client to pre-open beta version and it is available for download now. Pre-open beta download link: http://mho.qq.com/download.shtml. It's the same client download link as we showed in the register guide but pre-open beta client size is actually even smaller than the final beta test version, with only 5.46G but you should at least have 13.2G space in your hard drive when install. The pre-open beta client is 100% compatible with the current on-going final test.

Besides, hunters can start pre-creating their characters now via the "character creation (颜值创造)" app. It allows you to create your character via the app and then upload your character and your in-game ID to the pre-open beta server. By doing so, you can log in the game and use that character to play when pre-open beta starts on December 17! Moreover, by creating character via this app will give you an exclusive outfit as a bonus!

  • Character creation App download link: http://mho.qq.com/cp/a20151203face/index.htm
  • Character pre-creation time: from now – Dec 16 12:00 PM (China time)
  • Note: the app is currently only available for Android devices (ios version being censored now)
Scan the two-dimension code to download

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