ffxivtips : Monster Hunter Online Cash Shop: Prices for VIP, Costumes, and More

ffxivtips : Monster Hunter Online Cash Shop: Prices for VIP, Costumes, and More

Highly-anticipated MMORPG Monster Hunter Online is now during the last non-wipe beta, and the open beta will kick off on December 17. Monster Hunter Online is a Free-to-Play game with cash shop items including Tencent VIP membership, costumes, resurrection ticket, storage capacity and other elixirs you can use during the battle.

Cash shop has little effect on game balance since there are no equipment-enhanced items we can find in the Cash shop, and all those enhanced items we can obtain during hunting. Now let’s take a look at what we can purchase at the cash shop.

Tencent VIP Membership

Tencent VIP Membership is the main charge method in Tencent games. In MHO, Tencent VIP membership will offer VIP exclusive log-in access, daily gift, portable mailbox as well as discounts for purchasing other cash shop items. Membership level comes with benefits, the higher the level the more benefits you reap. There are 6 levels in MHO now, and it will cost you around $170 from level 1 to level 6.

Price: 30 Days(~$2.6), 90 Days(~$7.3), 360 Days(~$26.2)

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