ffxivtips : Monster Hunter Online (CN) Open Beta Registration and Download Guide

ffxivtips : Monster Hunter Online (CN) Open Beta Registration and Download Guide

After several closed beta, Monster Hunter Online is finally ready for open beta, starting from December 17th, 2015! No beta key required for the open beta so basically speaking, everyone can play the game! I know a lot of western Monster Hunter fans would like to try this game so here's a detailed guide for you on how to register an account and how to download and install the client. Also, you can like our Monster Hunter Online Facebook page or join in our MHO forum for more discussions with other hunters!

Some notes before the guide (read them carefully because many players are asking me those questions):

  • The open beta is NOT English open beta. No words on English version yet (seems like Tencent once said MHO is going to march into western market but we didn't get any update about that.)
  • The whole UI is in Chinese, no English patch so far. (Hey, you still have 2 weeks to learn some mandarin xD or we hope some players could work out an English patch.)
  • Monster Hunter Online is a free-to-play game with a in-game cash shop.
  • As far as I know, there's no ip block. About the ping, it should be fine (it might be a bit laggy when you are in the town because there are a lot of players there but when you are out and do quests or hunting, it should be ok.)

Step 1: register a QQ account

What's QQ?

QQ is actually a chatting tool, something like skype. It's developed by Tencent and is very popular in China. All Tencent's games including Blade & Soul, ArcheAge, Moonlight Blade etc all use QQ account as the game account.

How to register?

Go to http://zc.qq.com/en/index.html, follow all instructions and fill-in all forms. After successfully registering an account, you will receive a QQ ID. This QQ ID is unique to you and you will be using ID as your MHO Game Account (Yes, all numbers).

Step 2: Download MHO (CN) client and install it.

Right now, MHO is still having the final closed beta test so Tencent haven't released the open beta client but I think you can download and install the client now and then just install patches when open beta starts.

1. Client download link: http://mho.qq.com/download.shtml

2. Click on the client download tool and start download (client size ~ 8G)

PS: The download will automatically start, I do not recommend you to click any button if you don't live in China and use Tencent QQ or other Tencent softwares.

3. If you get scrambled texts when you launch the game, try changing the locale to Chinese PRC.

Before you start installing, you will need to change your system locale to Simplified Chinese (PRC) if you haven't.

Go to control panel -> region and language -> Administrative ->  change system locale.

Once you are in the “change system locale” area scroll down to find Chinese (Simplified, PRC) and select that option.

You will be prompted to restart your computer so follow the instruction and restart your computer.

4. Go to the the folder where you have downloaded the client and start installing.

5. If you are using Windows 8.1, you will likely see an error when you try to start your client.

To solve that, simply right-click the client start icon, go to compability tab, then run the client in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

6. Key in your QQ number (account ID) and password.

Choose server you like to log in:

Then you go to the character creation screen:

                                        By the way, you can only create one character now.

PS: many players met the following issues when trying to log in the game. The picture below actually requires you to verify your ID to prove you are a verified Chinese resident.

How to fix this?

Solution 1: searching the internet and find a Chinese resident's info. But it's hard and sound a bit weird, right? ok, check for solution 2.

Solution 2:

Go to http://jkyx.qq.com/ and click the button to log in your QQ account.

Next step: since you don't have a legit Chinese ID card, so we have to choose other ID

Next step: choose "passport" and then fill in the other info required (tips: actually you can put fake info here. I've tried it and it works! xDDD)

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