ffxivtips : MapleStory 2 Gameplay and Classes Overview

ffxivtips : MapleStory 2 Gameplay and Classes Overview

This article was first appeared on our Maplestory 2 forum written by Eternitymann from Eterna Guild!

UPDATE: Now with a video detailing every classes skills specially made by me for 2p.com during the Final Closed Beta Test of MS2.

Okay guys, in this thread i'm going to try to explain the current classes of MapleStory 2 and how the gameplay worksFirst of all, imma start with the gameplay trailer published by Nexon.

You can see how the game evolved from a 2D game to a 2.5D game with the scenario made of cubes (no, it's not like Minecraft) and you could get a briefly introduction about the classes, mini-games and boss fights.

There are five classes with two specializations each one at the moment, imma explain now.

NOTE: The Heavy Gunner, Berserker and Thief class images are different because they were something new to the game at the time, dont blade me for picking up diff images.

1. Beginner

Its the default class, once you create a character and once you have done the tutorial, the quests and leveled quite enough, you can change into four different classes: Archer, Mage, Warrior and Rogue.

2.Archer (Heavy Gunner and Ranger)

Archer is the first class of those who likes to shoot arrows and ranged gameplay, it uses a bow as main weapon.

Attributes: Physical, Ice, Fire
Stats: DEX, Weapon Attack, Critical Chance

Those that don't want to use the bow, later on they can advance his class from Archer to Heavy Gunner and, just like the name, it uses a mini-gun as main weapon and for those who like bows (like myself), they can advance from Archer to Ranger to keep doing DPS and shooting arrows in the face of the enemies!

3.Mage (Priest and Wizard)

Mage is the only "magical" class at the moment (you don't say) and it's main weapon are Scepters plus Spellbooks (Priest) and Staffs (Wizard), the players later on can advance from Mage to either Priest or Wizard.

Priests focus on healing party members and the cool thing is that some heal ability deals tons of damage to enemy while recovering HP and that's really over powered.
Attributes: Holy, Fire
Stats: magic attack, maximum HP, critical chance

Wizards focus on dealing elemental attacks to deal the highest damage depending on the creature element and it's the most recommended class for those that is completely new to the game
Attributes: Fire, Ice, Lightning
Stats: INT, magic attack, attack speed

4.Warrior (Berserker and Knight)

Warrior has two of the three meele classes in MapleStory2 (excluding Beginner and Rogue) and the main weapons are Two-handed sword (Berserker) and One-handed sword plus Shield (Knight) and it will be one of the essential classes for bossing.

The attributes and stats of both classes are the same, the only thing that it changes is the fact that Berserker does more damage per second then Knight, however, Knight has more defense than Berserker.
Attributes: Physical, Holy
Stats: STR, weapon attack, defense

5.Rogue (Assassin and Thief)

This class was the most famous back in the early days on MapleStory since they are ninjas, their main weapons are Throwing Knives or Shurikens(Assassin) and Daggers(Thief).The class that uses Shurikens is a ranged class while the one that uses Daggers is a meele one, however, the defense is quite higher on Thiefs.
Attributes: Physical, Fire, Ice
Stats: LUK, weapon attack, attack speed

All of the classes consumes SP while using a skill and every single basic attack restores a percentage of your max SP, while we are at it, there is three different skill types: Active Skills, Passive Skills and Action Skills.

Active Skills deals damage or grant buff effects temporarily. Consumption: SP
Passive Skills provide an increase in stats permanently
Action Skills is definied as movement skills, i.e. climbing, flying, etc. Consumption: EP

That's pretty much it for now guys, if you want to get more detail, you can check MAVIEW site in korean (you can use the page translator) and find description of monsters and the maps and MapleStory2.tv for classes and discussion.

Credits for all the images: OrangeMushroom

Thanks, Eternitymann

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