ffxivtips : MHO Interview with Tencent: Players Will Have More Freedom on Weapon Choice

ffxivtips : MHO Interview with Tencent: Players Will Have More Freedom on Weapon Choice


The famous console game, Monster Hunter, has been made into a MMORPG by Tencent, China. Many new and veteran players for the series have questioned the bold move to transfer the game play environment from console to PC/internet. The recent interview by Chinese game media site 17173 with the producer of Monster Hunter Online, Mr 陶尉时addresses various queries on the game.
Newbie Hunter

Q: Does Monster Hunter Online have a high barrier of entry for new players? It has been claimed that it is tough for new players to pick up the game. What is your take on that?

A:  Monster Hunter Online is probably the game with the lowest difficulties among the series. We have implemented a lot of tutorial quest to the game. We have also re-adjusted the main quest and the difficulties of the monsters according to players’ hunting proficiency and growth.  The high difficulties of traditional Monster Hunter games might cause new players to be disappointed and quit the game.  Therefore, we would like to help these new players to immerse into game and experience the genuine fun of the game.

 Q: Monster Hunter Online is significantly different from other action games. How are these new players going to adapt to the game?

A: The key selling point of Monster Hunter Online is the realism of combat; each action of the hunter is controlled by the player. It is not about simply pressing which button to cast some cool skills. This is a true representation of action combat and I believe it is the key attraction of this game. If a newbie hunter can adapt to the control mechanics, he will gain experience as he hunts more; during the hunting process, he will learn the attack patterns of the monster and find the appropriate counter measures.

Q: What joy can Monster Hunter Online bring to new players to the series?

A: The true joy for Monster Hunter Online is the experience of realistic action combat. This type of combat system is very rarely found in other games.  Furthermore, MMORPG based on monster hunting is a novelty in the market. In the face of powerful monsters, players will start to consider if they are hunting or being hunted. As players horn their skills and enhance their gears, they will meet other players and form hunting parties, forging friendship and bond. This is also one of the joys derived from the game.

Monster Design

Q:  The essence of Monster Hunter Online is the variety of monsters which can be hunted. Some players have pointed out that the monsters in the game seem like some juxtaposition of old monsters in the series. What do you think about this?

A: The monsters which share the same skeleton design, will share a lot of similar characteristics. This formula is the legacy of monster hunter series. The fact that monster sub-species having similar movement and appearance is very normal.

Q: What is the key monster design concept in Monster Hunter Online? Will there be many monsters which are unique to Monster Hunter Online?

A: We tried our best to faithfully replicate the monsters which have appeared in the previous Monster Hunter games, in a new environment. For the new monsters, we have tried to incorporate the unique behavior and characteristic according to its habitat. In the future, we will be releasing more original monsters. Please look forward to it.

Q: The update progress of new monsters seems to be slow?

A: The designing of new monsters is a time consuming and complicated task. The process of monster making, from the initial monster movement, to the final confrontation with hunters, requires repeated test and iterations. Of course, as the team is more experience in monster design, the production of new monster will pick up speed. In the next beta, we will be seeing even more new monsters.

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