ffxivtips : Lost Ark or Lineage Eternal? Hype Mysterious Title to be Revealed at TGC 2015

ffxivtips : Lost Ark or Lineage Eternal? Hype Mysterious Title to be Revealed at TGC 2015

Novermber is a highly-anticipated month for gamers as there are three well-known exhibitions to get underway. BlizzCon 2015 will arrive firstly on November 7, followed by G-Star in Korea and also Tencent Game Carnival (TGC 2015) in Shanghai. As the biggest game carnival in China, TGC is an annual event Tencent announces new titles and plan for next year. 

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At TGC 2015, there is a hype mysterious new game will be revealed, and we were just informed that it would be either Lost Ark or Lineage Eternal. Besides, Tencent will also hold number of eSports tournaments this year.

Lost Ark or Lineage Eternal?

Lost Ark and Lineage Eternal are both Diablo style hack & slash MMORPG which firstly made public in G-Star 2014. Lineage Eternal is developed by NCsoft and features unique modern battle system, intelligent system, and dynamic positioning perspective. While Lost Ark is an Unreal 3 Engine title by Tripod Studio. Although both games are highly-anticipated in Western market, it seems that Chinese gamers will have a head start.

Lost Ark

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Lineage Eternal

Master of Meteor Blades Tournament

Regarding of eSports tournament, we will not only see traditional titles like League of Legends, Crossfire and Call of Duty Online, but also new martial arts tittle Master of Meteor Blades.

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New Mobile IPs

It's a common phenomenon that gaming companies shifting their emphasis to mobile game market. At TGC 2015, Tencent will released lots of new mobile tittle adapted from popular PC games like Crossfire mobile, Blade & Soul mobile, Naruto mobile and more.

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