ffxivtips : Lost Ark Interview: A Non-Targeting MMORPG That’s Different to Diablo 3

ffxivtips : Lost Ark Interview: A Non-Targeting MMORPG That’s Different to Diablo 3

2P’s partner site 17173.com just did an exclusive interview with smilegate’s Director of RPG development Ji Won-gil, asking about the unique features of the upcoming action MMORPG Lost Ark. Ji Won-gil talked about the difference between Lost Ark and Diablo 3, the dynamic 2.5D camera, and more.
Ji Won-gil (the man in the middle)

The game focuses on open world adventure, not just dungeons 
The difference between Lost Ark and Diablo 3 is finally getting official comments. Ji Won-gil said the game is very different to Diablo 3. "Because of the angle of camera, many players would naturally compare the game with Diablo 3. However, they would find the two games are very different after they play Lost Ark," he said, "Lost Ark is based on non-targeting combat system, and it allows players to knock down and knock back the enemies or kick the monsters into mid-air to do more combos."
“Besides, the camera in Lost Ark is not fixed, and instead, it's dynamic for the purpose of showing players the combat from different angles.”
"Last but not least, Lost Ark is not a dungeon-based game. It stresses on open world adventure." The world will be really huge, according to Ji Won-gil.

Lots of exciting combat scenes can be expected
You will not only be able to explore on the ground, but will also be able to fight on the back of the huge flying creature. That reminds of me the battle on Deathwing’s back in World of Warcraft.
You can also expect to encounter huge monster under the gigantic fallen tower, or explore a dwarf village. Combat is just a part in the game, Ji Won-gil states, and the other core feature is adventure, which can be achieved through dynamic camera and various character actions.
This should be the huge flying creature you would be fighting on

The team is committed to add lots of depth to the game
Lost Ark will not be restricted to a single culture and style. "The game combines mutiple cultures in different time and recreates them with the imagination of fantasy," he said.
"Each class is unique in backstory and adventure, and you can't have such experience in other games."
"The core design concept is 'deep but easy to understand' and 'redifine familiarity'," according to Ji Won-gil. "We hope we can provide a fresh but not strange experience, and we hope players would say 'cool', 'lovely', and 'beautiful' when playing the game and then we know our game is easy to understand."

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