ffxivtips : Land of Britain: Dungeons, Locations, Mobs and Bosses Will Grow and Change

ffxivtips : Land of Britain: Dungeons, Locations, Mobs and Bosses Will Grow and Change

If you are looking for a new MMO with dynamic world and ever-changing environment, you should include upcoming Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG Land of Britain to your radar. The developer Potato Killer Studios just stepped out and explained how dynamic the world in the game could be: it will grow and change with the players.

An example of what usually happens in the world is

An old abandoned temple could be invaded by a pack of Mobs, which will seize until making it the base of their interests, until transforming it in a Dungeon.

In most MMORPG each region and adventure zone has preset mobs and bosses with a certain level. "These would only have a negative impact on the gameplay, making the game boring and frustrating, especially for less experienced players," the developer says. 

Just like the players, even the Mob will gain experience and evolve to become stronger and gain new, interesting skills. They, if belonging to different f actions, will gain experience points by killing each other; if belonging to the same pack, they will gain experience pouring their anger on the defenseless player. 

In addition to the mechanism that the mobs are growing with players, there is an advanced AI allows mobs to organize themselves and their humble camp will soon become dangerous territory even with a den.

With the world dynamically changing, each player can expect to have unique adventure as well as unique rewards. In short, you will never know what you will get and you will never be sure what's adead.

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