ffxivtips : King of Wushu E3 2015 Interview: Hero Skins and New Battlegounds Are Coming

ffxivtips : King of Wushu E3 2015 Interview: Hero Skins and New Battlegounds Are Coming

2P and 17173 were joined by Kevin, the director of global marketing & publishing at Snail Games for a quick chat about the upcoming game King of Wushu at E3 2015.

The first impression we get from King of Wushu is its exquisite graphics. We know that the game supports DirectX 12. How about DirectX 9 and DirectX 10? After all, comparing to other MOBA games, DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 require much higher configuration.

Kevin: King of Wushu supports DirectX 12, but we have also taken into consideration players with more basic computer configurations. The CryEngine provides an OpenGL engine for computers with lower settings.

I have a feeling that King of Wushu is more like Smite than of League of Legends and Dota 2 from the videos. Can you tell us the similarities and differences between King of Wushu and these games?

Kevin: The basic rules are the same: Upgrading, buying items, and attacking enemy bases. What else… then there’s the amazing martial arts elements, which are beautifully realized. Ganking from behind is more effective than attacking head-on. Also, the game mechanics are such that players can focus on laning strategies rather than racking up points by killing mobs and such.

Individually upgrading heroes is another interesting aspect; players can forge truly unique heroes by mixing and matching different builds of meridians and inner skills. The upcoming flying skills and combo skills will definitely diversify the tactics of the game.
When will the flying skills be added to the game? Will there be any limitation on the use of the flying skills?

Kevin: Very soon! We plan to make them available in a brand new scene, where players can jump up walls easily or zip down iron chains. We’re going to be extra careful to maintain balance, as flying skills definitely add a whole new dimension to the game.

Currently, the side that tears down the enemy's tower wins. What new gameplay can we expect in ensuing versions?

Kevin: We wrapped up the development of a new battleground and now it is being tested. As a MOBA, conquering an enemy base is the core gameplay. We will experiment and adjust other elements of the scenes. For example, improve minions' ability by completing the scene incidents or kill the monsters and scramble their items. We hope to bring players new gaming experience with the new contents.

Do you plan to add skins to the game? If you do, how can players get the skins?

Kevin: Definitely, and we want to give players a variety of ways to get their hands on them. So they can buy them directly of course, but they can also earn them by just playing well in offline tournaments and climbing the seasonal ranking.
I noticed that King of Wushu appeared at last year’s Playstation Vita launch event. How are things on that front?

Kevin: We’ve finished creating the remote play feature and are currently working on the interfaces and art. Players will see King of Wushu on their Playstation Vitas very soon.

We also noticed that this game supports virtual reality goggles, are they Oculus or Sony glasses?

Kevin: We will definitely develop compatibility with both of these technologies.
What about an Xbox version? When will it be released in China and North America?

Kevin: We are wrapping up the development of an Xbox version and are now doing some final debugging. Players in China will be able to play it this summer, and it also will be released in North America right on schedule.
Microsoft is about to bring a unified platform to both Xbox One and PC, does that mean Xbox players will be able to use Xbox controller to play against PC players who use Keyboard and mouse?

Kevin: Microsoft has unified all platforms with a Live ID, but still, the ways players play games on these platforms are quite different. We might do some research and test in the future but it’s not a top priority.
Is there going to be any exclusive content for the Xbox version? Will they be available on other foreign servers?

Kevin: The exclusive content for the Xbox version is pretty much the same with that of the PS4 version, and we are considering using different heroes and skins. Exclusive contents on each sever will be different, though.
Do you think there might be a lack of enthusiasm because players have to spend money on the multiplayer feature?

Kevin: Pay-to-play is pretty common in console games. I believe players will have no problems with this. In fact Microsoft should worry about this rather than us.
Last question: League of Legends has something like 50% of the MOBA market share, with Dota2 and Heroes of the Storm grabbing up much of the rest. What kind of a role do you expect King of Wushu to play as MOBA for PCs?

Kevin: We hope that King of Wushu will be seen as a pioneer of martial arts MOBA, not only providing a brand new gaming experience, but also fulfilling our commitment of cultural communication.

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