ffxivtips : Is Devilian a P2W MMO? 8 Things You Need to Know about the Open Beta

ffxivtips : Is Devilian a P2W MMO? 8 Things You Need to Know about the Open Beta

Trion Worlds' action MMORPG Devilian just announced the open beta and launch date. Guess some of you especially action fans are going to play the game. There are several things new players should or are curious of about the open beta and the game itself, including whether the game is pay2win.

1. Data will be wiped after open beta and before head start/final launch.
Beta servers are separate from the live servers so progress made in the OBT won't be carried to live server.
2. Credits spent during the open beta will be returned to players when the game launches
3. Skills can be reset anytime you want for free, so feel free to try as many options as possible for your character.
4. Unverified Trion accounts will face some restrictions, most of which are meant to counter spammers and botters.

  • Megaphone disabled
  • Whisper friends only
  • Can't sell on Auction House, but can buy
  • Can't start trades, but can accept
  • Can't send mail, but can receive

5. The limited time EXP and gold gaining boost from Founder's Packs will count down even you are offline
6. Title offers stat bonus. These bonuses are cumulative, so the more titles you earn, the more stat bonuses you have.
7. The titles rewarded by purchasing Founder's Packs grant stats that only apply to PvE
Trion Worlds explains that the stats given by titles are supposed to give Founders some convenience. These stat bonuses don't apply to PvP and Devil Form. So it's not really P2W.
8. Cash shop clothes have stats and they can also be obtained in the game without spending a cent
Free players can obtain the clothes and armors sold in cash shop by spending much time playing the game. I won't call it pay-to-win.

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