ffxivtips : Is Black Desert Online Worth Buying? – Based on Alpha Impressions

ffxivtips : Is Black Desert Online Worth Buying? – Based on Alpha Impressions

It's that time of the year again where we discuss about whether a game is worth buying? But this topic often only comes out when the buying model for a game is turning out to be B2P ( Buy 2 Play ). This is based on my whole self opinion after having tried the very 1st Alpha Stage of Black Desert that was launched about nearly a week ago, everyone is entitled to their own opinion so with that said, let's move on.

So let's jump straight to the topic and let us all discuss. The main question here, and probably the one and only question that everyone is asking about is; 

Is Black Desert Online Worth Buying?

Graphics + Character Customization 

This review will be my own experience with the game during alpha stage, and like I said, based on my own opinion that I write this review. So, the very first impression that I have is that the character customization is just stunningly beautiful, so many options to choose from with just one category. Not to mention, the graphics are very beautiful and just extraodinary, the view from a high mountain from where you're standing just makes you feel like you don't want to move anywhere and just idle at where you are enjoying the magnificent view.

For instance of the face customization, if you're on the face category, there is plenty of options for you to change and customize from, from eyebrows, hair, eyeball, lips, the size of any of them, how you want it to be, small scale to large scale, width, length, and so many more that I can mention but I don't think I want this to be filled with just the customization part. As for the combat system, when it comes to using skills and attacking monsters, for starters, it will be confusing because the combat system that they use is much more like a controller. For example, you would need to combine A + B for C Effect, it's much like Blade & Soul, just more advanced and more combination to remember of, especially when it comes to using combos.


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