ffxivtips : Inspirit Online: Three Races Introduction

ffxivtips : Inspirit Online: Three Races Introduction

Known as ELOA in Korea, Inspirit Online will be published in the west by Game Release Entertainment as well as the first closed beta test in the late June. There are 3 races and 4 classes in this game. Today, we will talk about the 3 races, including Kartu, Liru and Sapiens first. Each race has 3 kind of combat types and in total 36 play types.


We shall no longer let them feed off of our blood and flesh. It is time to show them our power and will.
From this moment, we reject anything or anyone that seeks to oppress us.
We will never stand down even if steel thorns penetrate us, drenching the ground with our blood, or if the wave of death sweeps us and tears from our flesh.
Although we are forced to leave our livelihood, we will surely return someday.
We are Kartu, the ones who open the new world.

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