ffxivtips : How to Upgrade Your Weapon and Accessory in Blade & Soul

ffxivtips : How to Upgrade Your Weapon and Accessory in Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul NA and EU first closed beta weekend will start on October 30. Today the official site has been updated with a weapon upgrading guide. In Blade & Soul, your weapon will grow in power and ability alongside your own. Adding the power from other weapons to your own, results in a increased level, raising the weapon’s power and attributes.

Once it has reached Stage 5, it can be coaxed to breakthrough to Stage 6 with the power of a specific rare weapon, and rare reagents. Now your weapon can continue its journey to Stage 10 and transform into a new weapon once a different rare weapon and reagent have been collected. After the transformation has been completed, your weapon will return to Stage 1, but with a new appearance and name.

In addition to your weapon, accessories that also increase in power in the same way. It’ll take a lot of work to do this though as the materials needed are held by some pretty big baddies. You can check out our exclusive weapon upgrade guide from level 1 to level 35 and also Hongmen Ultimate Weapon Upgrading Guide

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