ffxivtips : Heroes of Asgard: an Old School MMORPG Coming by the End of 2015

ffxivtips : Heroes of Asgard: an Old School MMORPG Coming by the End of 2015

Heroes of Asgard is developed by European studio Crimson Games and it's a hack and slash MMORPG where you can hit the space key to attack. Besides, you can choose from 4 classes (Warrior, Mage, Assassin, Sura) each of which has 6 different skills. The game has small scale PvP as well as Kingdom War that pits 3 kingdoms in large scale battle once a week.
Heroes of Asgard

Every Class has 6 different skills, divided by attack skills and buffs. Buffs skills can be applied on self or for all. Every skill has 4 different grades and at each grade the animation is enhanced. Skill starts at the non-master level. After a fixed amount of skill points, the skill advance to Master Level. At this stage the skill can only advance by reading books. Books can be found from Arks or special box and can only be read once a day. At every level, the amount of books needed to complete is increased till it reaches the Grand Master level. The last grade is known as the Perfect Master which needs some rare stones to achieve. There are also several passive skills that are common in all Class and sub class. They can just be leveled up with special books and they help the players in different ways, like raising some status or boosting special abilities.
PVP system is various and can be triggered in any map. A player can attack other player from a different nation without restriction as they are no different from the monsters. They can also attack player from the same nation using the Free Mode (although it doesn’t come without a cost) or he can press the “Duel” button and start a normal 1 versus 1 against a co-national. PVP is also triggered on the external maps when 2 or more players claim the same Ark or the same Boss. Usually these situations escalate quickly and friends of both parties approach immediately to aid their friends causing a big war that may continue even after the object of the dispute is long gone. It is also common to attack the Town of a nation with a small or larger group of players and this particular PVP is called raid.
Apart from the common PVP, the game offers different kind of PVP.
Once a week, each kingdom fights for the glory of their Kingdom known as the Kingdom War. All 3 kingdoms fight each other in a 2 round match on an event map. During the first round, kingdom with less point will be sent back home while on the second round the kingdoms with more points is the winner.
The second type of war is known as the Siege War. Randomly, one kingdom is chosen as “Defender” while the other 2 kingdoms are the "Raiders". The purpose is to destroy the Special Arks located on the Castle of the Defender. The Raiders have 30 minutes to do this and if all the Arks are destroyed, the kingdom who destroyed more Arks is the winner; otherwise the defender wins the siege since they lasted enough.
The game is scheduled to release before the end of 2015. Now the game is running a crowdfunding at the official site and you can learn more here.

Heroes of Asgard

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